Reading Ridiculousness Goes On

I’ve had a ridiculous day today, it all started with reading the Dennett book…

I’m still reading Daniel Dennett’s Breaking the Spell.  I have a habit of reading in phases because I get too involved with what I’m reading about.

Reading chapter two of Breaking the Spell was a scary experience for me.  For me the underline theme of the entire chapter revolved around Dennett’s argument that mankind is ignorant of its own ignorance.  This argument was made based on the fact that people cannot see color in their peripheral vision.  That correlated into people not breaking the taboo against studying religion because we haven’t really looked into how much we do not know about religion, how we see what we feel is the truth and remain ignorant to what we do not know.  And even though every person I talked to about this had somehow already learned about our grey peripheral vision, I was still shocked that it was true.  I now think that this fact goes beyond a metaphor for our ignorance to the unknown.  I can’t help but wonder if we as people on the most basic level create a psychological block against observations that do not conform to our desired notion of the truth.  If that is the case than it seems that every individuals behavioral traits are based on creating perfection (Perfection because it all has to be based on what it is that we desire to be true), that maybe at the core of every person is a selfish desire to be perfection based on our preconceived notions of what perfection is.  Modesty and “altruistic actions” must then be a self-serving behavioral trait thats purpose is to glorify a persons perception on their self.  And to a scarier length, the concept of “God” is a manmade creation that serves the purpose of glorifying our actions/intentions since we are made in the image of God and base our decisions on being the most perfect decisions possible, even though it is just an artificial way of creating the satisfaction of believing we are perfect…or at least on an individual basis.

But not seeing color in my peripheral was bothering me much more than just because of what it made me think about the human psyche’s lust for God, it also made me want to realize what the truth was.  All day I’ve been trying to grasp the concept that everything to my side was grey, maybe thats why I like grey things since they create a sense of true uniformity throughout all of my vision.  Needless to say I’ve been experimenting with my own vision all day and it has lead to something very peculiar.  I learn that something isn’t as I perceive it is so I must come to understand the truth, but that desire to to see what is factually true forces me to assume that my peripheral vision is grey even when I feel like its not.  I then think I am overcompensating something that is very simple.  Feeling like I am overcompensating leads to me cycling back into the original concept that I understand the colors in my peripheral because I can actually see them.  This cycle repeats itself continually but thats not the important part. What is important is that this cycle occurs for a reason, possibly that I need to feel that I understand what is true, but if I have some idea of what the truth is than I have to make it fit.  My desire to understand something, as I feel it ought to be understood based on its prefect truth, stems from my selfish desire to be perfect.  And even though I can admit to not being perfect my admittance is a sign that I wish to be perfect and I therefore only make decisions on my desire to be as perfect as possible.

The last thing I started to think about while I was reading the second chapter of Breaking the Spell was how much I hate mankind.  I want to think that the ultimate goal of man is to become the Nietzschean Superman.  But that is impossible because we grow further and further from that goal constantly.  Literally our self-serving nature destroys the possibility.  I think I just hate people in general.  But I feel like I finally lost all hope in humanity today, I had a bad experience with little Mormon guy.  This guy had posted an insulting remark about liberalism, as an angered liberal I felt it was necessary to inform him that what he had done was a sign of his ignorance.  The response I received was that he had already looked into it and it was stupid, then he blocked me so I couldn’t respond to how hypocritical his remark was.  Now why I hate people…This guy is a Mormon obviously, and not only that but also he is an Asian Mormon.  Mormonism was created as an American religion that glorified the actions that people made during the movement west.  The underline theme of Mormonism is that the American man is supreme, and that the American man is a white, land owning, family man.  Anyone who didn’t fall under this mold of the American man was a second class citizen, or in the case of Native Americans or any person who was any degree of brown, a descendant of the Devil.  Thats why the Mormon Church was classified as a Hate Group for years.  But if its not enough that he’s already an abomination to his religion, he feels like he is better than any other person or culture.  When he took a trip around the Mediterranean he was only able to talk about how he had fun but how the other European and North African cultures could never hold a candle to the vastly superior American culture.  My hatred for humanity stems from this, as long as there are ideologies such as this one there will never be a possibility for a progressive future.

Thats pretty much it, I guess I kinda suck at conflict resolution but whatever

Sorry it was so long

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  1. Seth Winkler
    Posted June 20, 2009 at 9:56 am | Permalink

    Tait the Nietzschean Superman is impossible because he never says what it is, not because society is moving away from it. Although Nietzsche would agree that society is continuing to embrace decadent ideals, especially by continuing to embrace a god that was killed a long time ago, he still leaves no route to direct on us on how to reach the ubermenschen. In Thus Spoke Zarathustra he says that man is on a tightrope in between beasts and the ubermenschen, he never tells us how long that string is or how to get closer.

  2. Posted June 22, 2009 at 8:00 pm | Permalink

    Seth, I’m sorry. I understand that the Superman is impossible. I guess I didn’t express what I was going for in the right way. I was thinking based on the view of the townspeople, as Zarathustra made the comparison of the Superman w the man on the tightrope after the people realized it wasn’t the tightrope walker that he was referencing, the people then wanted to meet and idolize the superman. Admittedly I have not read any of Nietzsche’s works for a long time, but I don’t want to say that the realm of the Superman is beyond possibility. I guess I am one of the arrogant townsmen that feels that some things can be perfect even in a continuous state of degradation. My bad.

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