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Utilitarianism: an exam prep essay

I’m using this in my exam essay since I can bring in a page of notes. I just want other people to tell me their views. In 2007 under the Bush Administration, US military forces eliminated journalists in Iraq under the orders of higher up command while understanding their actions. A Blackhawk helicopter targeted, received orders [...]
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Just so we all know…

I’m in college and what not so I feel like a real grown up.  Seeing as how I might need help I’ll put down my classes and see if anyone can help me out. PHIL 180 Intro to Social and Political Philosophy. (Emphasis on the death penalty and Affirmative Action) POLS 150 Intro to Comparative Politics GERM 104 Intro [...]
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Upcoming Attractions.

I apologize that I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve just been living it up in D.C. trying to get accustomed to the city life before I go back to Kansas to spend my days in boredom. I was going to try to volunteer for the Democratic National Party while I was here but I have no [...]
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Emailing an old Bhuddist Guru

I was lucky enough to get my awesome trust fund check today.  In the past I’ve seen it as all of the child support money I’ll ever get after my father fled to Brazil to avoid jail or whatever it was he had to get away from here in the states.  Its a whopping $4,770.74.  [...]
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Reading Ridiculousness Goes On

I’ve had a ridiculous day today, it all started with reading the Dennett book… I’m still reading Daniel Dennett’s Breaking the Spell.  I have a habit of reading in phases because I get too involved with what I’m reading about. Reading chapter two of Breaking the Spell was a scary experience for me.  For me the underline [...]
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Reading Ridiculousness

Breaking the Spell. Chapter One I started reading Daniel Dennett’s Breaking the Spell.  As I was reading a few things made me start to think (as it is meant to).  I only finished the first chapter, but even for how little I’ve read I feel I have to question a part of it. Can all of the conclusions [...]
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